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Elegant Short Dress

Elegant Short Dress

This refined & elegant short brocade dress is a sight of pure elegance. A fit top with boning on the sides, and the back paired with outstandingly cut pattern that expertly exposes breasts and shoulders. Satin brocade fabric with a flower motif encases a lightly fit skirt and radiates class. Silver threads compliment the floral design, producing a satin lining that gives the dress an extra punch. Functional pockets are included making the dress not only extravagant but also convenient.

Due to all of the dresses being handmade to order, as well as tailored to fit. The we do not accept returns.

£560.00 Regular Price
£392.00Sale Price

Pictures by: Ronak Valobobhai

Model: Ewelina (Lina) Kosinska

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